NDX Handheld Laser + Charger

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  • NDX laser lamp
  • Megalith 18650 2800mAh lithium battery
  • Laserware A1 USB charger
  • Operation sheet
  • Laserware 18 month warranty



  • Weight: 253g lamp without battery, 302g lamp with battery
  • Dimensions: 50*220*27mm
  • Battery type: One 18650 lithium battery (included)
  • Battery life: Over 6hrs of constant use
  • Laser module: 50mW Glacier, 532nm green
  • Min. working temperature: -5C
  • Laser class: class 3B. Suitable for use on private land only

Laser powered.

Whilst the NDX is most commonly used to attaching to the scope of a rifle, its special focusing lens makes it useful for all sorts of different applications.

Covert illumination...

The NDX uses a wavelength of 532nm, that many types of quarry - including foxes, rabbits, mice, rats and boar - find difficult to register. The NDX will illuminate your targets without them even noticing, making it an excellent alternative to night vision.

...or high power pointing.

Fully focused, the laser works as an excellent deterrent against roosting birds, who perceive the laser as a physical threat. In addition, the laser is highly visible to the human eye and is ideal for pointing out objects 300-600 yards away in daylight (even further when the conditions are very overcast.)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the power of the laser, the NDX is suitable for use on private land only.

Rechargeable as standard.

With the included Megalith 2800mAh battery and A1 USB charger, your NDX will provide over six hours of constant use before having to re-charge. When the battery is flat, simply plug the A1 USB charger into your phone's USB charger, or just a standard computer USB port.

(Please note that your Megalith battery's colour and exterior may differ to the picture.)

Operate in sub-zero temperatures.

Other laser products find it difficult to deal with chilly conditions. The Laserware NDX uses similar advanced technology to our previous laser designator models, the ND-50 and ND-100 Glacier. Its performance doesn’t deteriorate, even in temperatures as cold as -5˚C.