NDX Laser Lamping Kit

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£216.66 exc. VAT

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  • NDX laser lamp
  • Pro mount upgrade with wind/elevation Bishop mount and scope rail mount
  • Megalith 2800mAh battery
  • USB battery charger (plugs into any USB port)
  • Rat tail pressure switch
  • Carry case
  • Laserware 18 month warranty



  • Weight: 253g lamp without battery, 302g lamp with battery, 462g with mounts and battery
  • Dimensions: 50*220*27mm
  • Battery type: one 18650 lithium battery (included)
  • Battery life: 9hrs
  • Laser module: 50mW Glacier, 532nm green
  • Min. working temperature: -5C
  • Laser class: class 3B. Suitable for use on private land only

Laser powered.

Unlike traditional gun lamps, which use LEDs or halogen bulbs, the NDX is equipped with a high-tech laser module. Because the laser light does not scatter, the NDX’s vivid green beam is a dense circle of light that provides a considerably clearer sight picture. Fully focused, the beam can travel over 1000m.

Covert illumination.

The NDX uses a wavelength of 532nm, that many types of quarry - including foxes, rabbits, mice, rats and boar - find difficult to register. The NDX will illuminate your targets without them even noticing, making it an excellent alternative to night vision.

Operate in sub-zero temperatures.

Other laser products find it difficult to deal with chilly conditions. The Laserware NDX uses similar advanced technology to our previous laser designator models, the ND-50 and ND-100 Glacier. Its performance doesn’t deteriorate, even in temperatures as cold as -5˚C.

Roam all night.

Thanks to its Megalith 2800mAh battery the NDX has a battery life of 6 hours, and maintains maximum brightness and beam range throughout. Now you can lamp until the sun comes up.