X30 LED Spectrum Lamping Kit (White + Red + Green + Amber LEDs)

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  • X30 lamp with white, red green and amber LEDs included
  • USB battery charger (18650 battery required)
  • Snoot lens extension
  • Fixed height scope mount
  • Two-mode rat tail pressure switch
  • Laserware 18 month warranty



  • Weight: 162g without battery, 211g with battery
  • Dimensions: 42*147*30mm
  • Battery type: one 18650 lithium battery (not included)
  • Battery life with a 3400mAh battery on HIGH mode: 2hrs 30m white, 4hrs 15m red/green/amber
  • Beam range on HIGH mode: 350m white, 300m red/green/amber

Light and agile.

The X70’s younger sibling is the most compact torch in the range. The X30 is 147mm long, has a slimline aluminium casing, and weighs just 162 grams. It’s ideal if you’re looking for an ergonomic, nimble, no-nonsense lamping torch.

A punchy package.

The X30 uses the same high-performance LED technology as the X70, and a 38mm aspherical lens. It projects a bright, clear beam 300m with the coloured LEDs, or 350m with the white or IR LEDs. The X30 also features the dynamic focus we designed for the X70 - sharpen the beam from wide to spot in just three rotations.

Interchangeable LEDs.

White, red, green and amber LEDs are included. It’s easy to change your lamping strategy with the X30. To swap the LED, just use your forefinger and thumb to unscrew the lens cap and module.

Now with glare prevention.

A “snoot” is included in the Laserware X30 Lamping Kit. This attaches to the end of the torch, and prevents light spill bouncing back into the scope from highly reflective barrels. Light up your target, not your rifle.