X70 LED Torch Kit (White + Red + Amber LEDs)

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  • X70 lamp with white, red and amber LEDs
  • A1 USB charger (18650 battery required)
  • Fixed height scope mount
  • X70 battery extension tube
  • Laserware 18 month warranty



  • Weight: 353g without battery, 402g with battery
  • Dimensions: 70*180*30mm
  • Battery type: one 18650 lithium battery (required)
  • Battery life with 3400mAh battery on HIGH mode: 2hrs 30m white, 3hrs 45m IR, 4hrs 15m red/green/amber
  • Beam range with 3400mAh battery on HIGH mode: 900m white, 600m red/amber

X70 excellence.

The X70 uses a large 70mm aspherical lens and the brightest LED modules available. This means it can easily cast a powerful beam over 600m for the coloured LEDs, over 900m for the white LED, and over 1100m for the IR LEDs. The coloured and IR LEDs have three intensity settings.

Detail in design.

The X70 weighs just 343 grams, cutting down on excess baggage. The beam sharpens from flood-to-spot in three rotations, saving precious seconds when identifying targets, and grip grooves make focusing easy even when the torch is wet.

Interchangeable LEDs.

It’s easy to change your lamping strategy with the X70. To swap the LED, just use your forefinger and thumb to unscrew the lens cap and module. White, red and amber LEDs are included in the pack.