Adjustable Torch Tripod Mount

£12.99 inc. VAT

£10.83 exc. VAT

  • Allows you to attach a torch to your camera or night vision device, using a standard tripod connector
  • By attaching an infrared illuminator/torch to your night vision monocular, you can boost the viewing range of your devices
  • A ball-and-socket joint in the mount means you can precisely align your torch’s beam with your camera or night vision device’s field of vision
  • Quickly attaches to any monocular or camera with a standard tripod mount.
  • Fits torches with a battery tube 25mm in diameter.
  • Note: Your torch’s battery tube must have a flat surface 3cm in¬†width, to accommodate the width of the mount. The mount fits the Laserware X30 torch, but not the Laserware X70